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Special Report | Does the Prevent strategy have any credibility left?

A groundbreaking report, published on Thursday by advocacy group CAGE, has revealed that the scientific framework underpinning the government’s counter ex...   [ continue reading...]



Politics | The UK Government must end its shameful complicity in the destruction of Yemen

Over the past 18 months, the Saudi-led military campaign in Yemen has led to over 10,000 deaths and the destruction of billions of pounds’ worth of vital...   [ continue reading...]



Analysis | Borders are a weapon of racism and austerity, not a solution to either

The Brexit debate has shown us that the progressive struggle against class and race-based oppression must start with fighting the rhetoric - and reality - of im...   [ continue reading...]



An A to Z of Theory | Augusto Boal: Brecht and Beyond – The Boal Method

In the fourth essay of his series on Augusto Boal, Andrew Robinson examines the process through which Theatre of the Oppressed came into being and explores the...   [ continue reading...]



Comment | Growing international recognition of Western Sahara offers new hope for Africa’s Last Colony

The death in May of Saharawi president Mohamed Abdelaziz has brought back into focus the question of Western Sahara's future. In light of the failures of the UN...   [ continue reading...]



Special Report | “Solidarity is being criminalised”: Anger as Greek police raids refugee housing squats and camps

Last week saw police raids on refugee housing squats and camps across Greece, which resulted in the demolition of a long-term refuge space and a hundred refugee...   [ continue reading...]



Books | Review | Corbyn: The Strange Rebirth of Radical Politics

How was a committed socialist on the fringes of Westminster politics able to win one of the strongest leadership mandates in British political history? Tom Mill...   [ continue reading...]



Analysis | Rumi, Mateen and DiCaprio: On Afghan Identity, Ours and Theirs

Whether it's DiCaprio being cast to play your cultural icon, or an American mass shooter being foisted upon you, it's not easy being an Afghan; especially when...   [ continue reading...]



An A to Z of Theory | Augusto Boal: The History of Theatre

In the third essay of his series on Brazilian revolutionary dramatist Augusto Boal, Andrew Robinson explores Boal's analyses of classical and bourgeois theatre,...   [ continue reading...]



Comment | To Leave or Not to Leave the EU: A British Muslim Perspective

Is there a distinctly British Muslim case with regards to Thursday's referendum on Britain's membership of the EU? Dilly Hussain examines the arguments.   [ continue reading...]



Politics | “We are the lions, Mr. Manager”: Revisiting the Great Grunwick Strike

This month marks the 40 year anniversary of the Great Grunwick strike, a pivotal episode in the history of the British Labour movement. Amrit Wilson argues we n...   [ continue reading...]



Special Report | Miracles and Mirages: Greed and corruption have created a doping epidemic in Sport

The recent history of doping in professional cycling suggests the problem is widespread and systemic in other sports too, undermining our ability to believe in...   [ continue reading...]



Comment | The Government’s Extremism Bill will do little to prevent extremism and much to undermine democracy and civil liberties

The recently introduced Extremism Bill is further confirmation of the UK government's dangerously myopic approach to the subject, argues Katy Sian.   [ continue reading...]



Film | Review | The Journey from Syria: “I wish we could have this life in our country”

Muhammad Idrees Ahmad reviews The Journey from Syria, Matthew Cassel's new documentary tracing the remarkable journey of a Syrian refugee from his home in Damas...   [ continue reading...]



Analysis | Billionaire Republicans and Professional Islamophobes: The Pro-Israel lobby in Brussels

A report released this week reveals the deep ties between pro-Israel organisations operating in Brussels and US-based right-wing donors, Republican supporters o...   [ continue reading...]



Comment | This victory shows we can, and must, shut down the DSEI arms fair for good

Last week, eight human rights protesters won a historical legal victory against DSEI, the world's biggest arms fair. This is a remarkable milestone on the way t...   [ continue reading...]



Politics | “She did not die; she multiplied”: Honouring Berta Cáceres

Last week, campaigners in London and around the world marked the assassination last month of Berta Cáceres, the prominent Honduran human rights campaigne...   [ continue reading...]



Film | Review | Batman v Superman: Dawn of Nihilism and Mansplaining

'Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice', the hotly-anticipated on-screen reunion of DC's 'Big Three', is a dark vision of nihilism, hopelessness and mansplaining,...   [ continue reading...]



Special Report | From Women Refugees to International Students: The State’s War on Migrants

In the general context of structural racism facing Black, Muslim, and other oppressed communities, the UK state’s war on Migrants is playing an increasing...   [ continue reading...]



An A to Z of Theory | Augusto Boal: Theatre of the Oppressed

In the second essay of his series on Augusto Boal, the Brazilian playwright, director and political activist, Andrew Robinson explores Boal's Theatre of the Opp...   [ continue reading...]

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