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'You Have a Choice': Veterans Call On Drone Operators to Refuse Orders

Dozens of U.S. military veterans released an open letter this week urging drone operators to "refuse to fly missions" or support them in any way—and letting...   [ continue reading...]



On Brink of 'Sixth Great Extinction,' Humanity Must Conserve or Die

It's official: the planet is entering a "sixth great extinction" that even the most conservative estimates show is killing off species at rates far higher than...   [ continue reading...]



Socialism Means Abolishing the Distinction Between Bosses and Employees

State capitalism exists when the state apparatus - rather than a group of private citizens - positions state officials to function as capitalist employers. Thus...   [ continue reading...]



A Redneck and Former Racist Talks about White Supremacy. Every White American Needs to Hear This!

"Growing up I was programmed by our racist society, I used to use the nword growing up without even giving it a thought, and then because of the suffering and a...   [ continue reading...]



Daughter of a Mexican Migrant Has Something Beautiful to Say to Donald Trump

Donald Trump has made an entire career out of being an odious bile merchant. So it came as no surprise that during his presidential campaign announcement this...   [ continue reading...]



When A White Woman and a Black Man Swap Places to Tell the Other's Story The Result is Powerful

Darius Simpson and Scout Bostley begin to speak into their individual microphones -- but then they stop, switch mics and start talking again. In the video belo...   [ continue reading...]



Columbia University Becomes First To Divest From Prisons

Columbia University becomes the first major U.S. university to divest from the prison prison industry. It's all thanks to student activism.   [ continue reading...]



Rap News 33: Pope Francis Vs Climate Change

Today on Rap News, a world exclusive: Pope Francis performing his 2015 encyclical on climate change, revealing his new, revised Ten Climate Commandments for the...   [ continue reading...]



UK's First 'Share Shop' Opens for business

SHARE - in Frome, Somerset - may be the first shop in the UK where lending rather than selling rules. At this ‘borrowing hub’ items are loaned out rather...   [ continue reading...]



No, You Need a History Lesson: The Confederate Flag Is a Symbol of Hate.

I was a very poor 16-year-old so, as you can imagine, having a car was out of the question. Wherever I needed to go, I walked -- which was not always pleasant o...   [ continue reading...]



Action Man: Battlfield Casualties

The UK is one of only nineteen countries worldwide, and the only EU member, that still recruits 16 year olds into its armed forces, (other nations include Iran...   [ continue reading...]



Meet the Activist Who Wants Women Everywhere to 'Free the Nipple'

Most American cities are full of breasts. They are everywhere: On billboards. On storefronts. On buildings. But if you look closely, there's consistently one...   [ continue reading...]



Jessica Williams Hires A “Helper Whitey” To Be Taken Seriously

Jessica Williams and Jordan Klepper discuss the Confederate flag and its historical significance. When Williams realizes that she needs a white man to repeat h...   [ continue reading...]



Selling The Girl Next Door (2015)

Selling the Girl Next Door takes viewers into the world of underage American girls caught up in the violent sex trade. Thousands of girls under the age of 18 ar...   [ continue reading...]



The New Bodhisattva Path

Unless you're on long retreat in a Himalayan cave, it's becoming more difficult to overlook the fact that our world is beset by interacting ecological, economic...   [ continue reading...]



Letter to White Supremacy

Dear White Supremacy, First of all you are not really that supreme. While throughout history White Supremacy it must be admitted you have achieved some very d...   [ continue reading...]



Buen Vivir: A New Era of Great Social Change

“You never change things by fighting the existing reality. To change something, build a new model that makes the existing model obsolete.” ― R. Buckminste...   [ continue reading...]



10 Ways Truly Happy Couples Argue Differently

1. They aren’t going to just throw down. Instead, they’re committed to helping one another overcome problems and conflicts. Simply being mad at the person...   [ continue reading...]



This Is What Happens When Our Politicians Say Yes to Dirty Energy

Between Tues 23rd and Fri 26th June Lancashire County Council is scheduled to be considering applications for 2 new fracking test sites on the Fylde Peninsu...   [ continue reading...]



5 Lies About Abortion Doctors Are Forced to Tell You

Picture this: you hurt yourself, and you go to the doctor to talk about knee surgery. What would you think if your doctor was required — by law...   [ continue reading...]

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