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Isis in Paris

So ISIS has claimed the attacks as a response to France bombing the ‘caliphate’ in the Middle East. That Hollande/Valls are warmongers is beyond dis...   [ continue reading...]



The Left in Europe

With the rise of left-populist parties in Europe, and the election of the most left-wing leader of Labour in the party’s history, the European left seems...   [ continue reading...]



Jeremy Corbyn’s victory means Labour’s living dead have been vanquished – and English politics has come to life again

The ironies of history never fail to surprise. Measured by any criteria, Jeremy Corbyn is the most left-wing leader in the history of the Labour Party. He under...   [ continue reading...]



Jeremy Corbyn and the Labour Party – Tariq Ali on Democracy Now

Jeremy Corbyn has been a member of the House of Commons since 1983 and has a long history of voting against his Labor Party, which had moved considerably to the...   [ continue reading...]



Interview with ABC Australia

Following Tariq’s recent tour of Australia, ABC Local have uploaded their interview with him. Covering everything from#BlackLivesMatter and Australia&#821...   [ continue reading...]



“The capitulation means more suffering” – On Syriza and austerity in Greece

In the early hours of 16 July, the Greek parliament voted overwhelmingly to give up its sovereignty and become a semi-colonial appendage of the EU. A majority...   [ continue reading...]



The Syriza Triumph is a Victory – on Greece and the OXI vote

This a historic triumph for Greece, its people and democratic accountability. The disgusting campaign waged by the EU Group and ECB has backfired sensationally....   [ continue reading...]



The Days of July: Revisiting the 7/7 bombings

It is ten years since the horrifiying 7/7 suicide bombings in central London; that killed 56 people, including the four attackers.  With this in mind, we bring...   [ continue reading...]



We are witnessing the twilight of democracy

Instead of worrying too much about the extreme left and right, we should focus more on the extreme center, says writer Tariq Ali. He spoke to Creston Davis abou...   [ continue reading...]



Tariq Ali interviewed by Dialogos Radio about the political situation in Greece

An interview with renowned scholar, author, and analyst Tariq Ali, on the political events in Greece and Europe, his views of the first months of the SYRIZA-led...   [ continue reading...]



The Extreme Centre: A Warning

Britain’s leading radical delivers an eviscerating attack on the indistinguishable political elite of the UK. Published by Verso Books, January 2015. What is...   [ continue reading...]



My hero: Eduardo Galeano

In Bertolt Brecht’s Galileo, the eponymous antihero is confronted by his student, who is livid that the great man has recanted: “Unhappy is the land that br...   [ continue reading...]



‘Renationalise the railways. Cut military spending. Argue with whoever says it can’t be done’ Interview in the Observer

Tariq Ali is recalling a party for the late Tony Benn on the House of Commons terrace shortly after Labour’s 1997 election victory. “Edward Miliband, as he...   [ continue reading...]



France Tries To Mask Its Islamophobia Behind Secular Values

Pakistan-born British commentator Tariq Ali seldom minces words. As a political activist, journalist, writer and film-maker, he has cou­rted controversy and ru...   [ continue reading...]



‘There was music in his delivery’ – Extract from the Introduction to Ralph Miliband’s Class War Conservatism

Ralph Miliband was a socialist intellectual of great integrity. He belonged to a generation of socialists formed by the Russian revolution and the second world...   [ continue reading...]



After Paris

In the week following the atrocities, a wave of moral hysteria swept France. ‘Je suis Charlie’ became almost obligatory. The Hollande/Valls message was simp...   [ continue reading...]



The Time Is Right for a Palace Revolution – Interview with Chris Hedges

PRINCETON, N.J.—Tariq Ali is part of the royalty of the left. His more than 20 books on politics and history, his seven novels, his screenplays and plays and...   [ continue reading...]



Tariq Ali: The single-formula approach on the currency union is dead in the waters of the Mediterrenean

SYRIZA will be the first party in Europe elected to power that has done so by challenging the extreme centre that rules Europe and its favoured economic system:...   [ continue reading...]

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