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There’s Plenty of Evidence That Donald Trump Has Sought to Block the Russia Investigation, But it Will Take More Than That to Bring Him Down

Given Trump’s conflicting explanations for firing former FBI Director James Comey, it may be difficult to prove his intent beyond a reasonable doubt. The...   [ continue reading...]



A U.S. Journalist Took Thousands of ISIS Files Out of Iraq, Reigniting a Bitter Dispute Over the Theft of Iraqi History

An article in the New York Times has reopened the wound of the U.S. taking 120 million pages of documents from Iraq after 2003 invasion. The post A U.S. Journal...   [ continue reading...]



Inside the Barbaric U.S. Industry of Dog Experimentation

An investigation into Ridglan Farms shines a light on a largely hidden industry that breeds and cages dogs for the sole purpose of experimentation. The post Ins...   [ continue reading...]



As mães que tiveram seus filhos assassinados pelo Estado decidiram fazer o trabalho da polícia: investigar

Depressão, perda de peso, insônia e doenças – nada fez essas mães desistirem de limpar na Justiça o nome de seus filhos...   [ continue reading...]



To Defeat ISIS, the U.S. Helped Turn Old Mosul Into Rubble — But Won’t Help Rebuild It

Mosul was unscathed in the U.S. invasion of 2003 but its Old City has been flattened in the war on ISIS. Iraqis there are getting no aid to recover. The post To...   [ continue reading...]



In 30 Years, Only 17 Women Won Sexual Harassment Claims Before Wall Street’s Oversight Body

Among 97 cases that reached an arbitration decision, only 17 women explicitly received an award for sexual harassment or hostile work environment. The post In 3...   [ continue reading...]



It’s Time to Admit That Half Measures Can’t Stop Climate Change

As climate scientists call for a dramatic transformation of the world’s economy, a new set of deniers is starting to coalesce around something easier. The...   [ continue reading...]



A Key Trump-Russia Intermediary Has Been Missing for Months, as the Case for Collusion Grows Stronger

The relationship between a young American adviser and an academic with shadowy ties to Moscow reveals a secret channel between Trump’s campaign and Russia...   [ continue reading...]



1,224 Complaints Reveal a Staggering Pattern of Sexual Abuse in Immigration Detention. Half of Those Accused Worked for ICE.

Immigrants sexually abused in ICE detention have been saying #metoo for years. They faced retaliation, and a system unwilling to hold itself accountable. The po...   [ continue reading...]



After Three Decades on Death Row, William Montgomery Was Granted a Reprieve. Yet His Dubious Conviction Still Stands.

Montgomery won’t be executed on April 11. Yet undisclosed evidence, an unreliable co-defendant and unanswered questions still raise concerns about his cas...   [ continue reading...]



How the Assad Regime Tracked and Killed Marie Colvin for Reporting on War Crimes in Syria

Syrian regime documents and testimony from defectors reveal that Marie Colvin and others were hunted as part of a policy to eliminate journalists. The post How...   [ continue reading...]



How an Army of Trolls Protects Guatemala’s Corrupt Elite

Inside the booming business of online disinformation campaigns in Guatemala. The post How an Army of Trolls Protects Guatemala’s Corrupt Elite appeared fi...   [ continue reading...]



Exclusivo: as milícias assumiram o controle do Rio de Janeiro

Número de denúncias contra paramilitares na cidade já é maior do que contra o tráfico. Criadas sob aplausos de governantes, a...   [ continue reading...]



How the Trump Administration Is Botching Its Only Trial Run for the 2020 Census

In Providence County, Rhode Island, advocates fear a new question about citizenship will scare immigrants away from the census. The post How the Trump Administr...   [ continue reading...]



Brazil’s Marielle Franco Denounced Three Murders in the Days Before Her Assassination. These Are the Stories.

Marielle Franco's assassins wanted to silence her cause. The post Brazil’s Marielle Franco Denounced Three Murders in the Days Before Her Assassination....   [ continue reading...]



In the Rubble of Hurricane Maria, Puerto Ricans and Ultrarich “Puertopians” Are Locked in a Pitched Struggle Over How to Remake the Island

Six months after Maria, Puerto Ricans are designing a recovery that heals and defends their island. Politicians and Bitcoin billionaires have other ideas. The p...   [ continue reading...]



Jason Jorjani Fancied Himself an Intellectual Leader of a White Supremacist Movement — Then It Came Crashing Down

Jorjani was a co-founder with Richard Spencer of the AltRight Corporation. In just a year, their odd partnership fell apart. The post Jason Jorjani Fancied Hims...   [ continue reading...]



“My Heart Is Dancing” — How an Iraqi Family Found Refuge in Canada After Escaping Persecution and Detention in the U.S.

Safaa Al Shakarchi was tormented by the idea that he would never see his children again, all because his family came to the U.S. seeking asylum. The post &ldquo...   [ continue reading...]



Essa é a história dos três crimes que Marielle Franco denunciou antes de morrer

Os responsáveis por matar Marielle Franco não queriam se livrar de uma vereadora, mas silenciar uma ideia. The post Essa é a históri...   [ continue reading...]



The Left Is Erasing Black and Brown People From the Opioid Epidemic, and Missing the Raging Drug War

Many dealers are themselves addicted to opioids and in need of treatment. Cracking down can have the effect of driving drugs deeper and deeper underground. The...   [ continue reading...]

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