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Artist, Daughter of Afghan President Takes on US Abuse From Guantánamo to Abu Ghraib

We are on the road in Venice, Italy, the site of the Venice Biennale, the oldest and most prestigious international biennial art exhibition in the world. We are...   [ continue reading...]



Inside the Crazy Back-Channel Negotiations That Revolutionized Our Relationship With Cuba

On a rainy day last December, President Barack Obama gathered a small group of senior officials in the Oval Office and placed a telephone call to Raúl Ca...   [ continue reading...]



120 Years of Rocky US-Cuba Relations, in Pictures

A brief history of the long, rocky relationship between the United States and Cuba, from the Spanish-American War through the recent reestablishment of diplomat...   [ continue reading...]



First Anniversary of the Borderfree Community Center

Last week, the Afghan Peace Volunteers celebrated the first anniversary of the Borderfree Nonviolence Community Center. Check out the address from Dr. Hakim on...   [ continue reading...]



A Little Dubya Up in Canada - 70 Ways Prime Minister Harper Has Assaulted Democracy

This guy is on a rampage. Stephen Harper and his Conservatives have racked up dozens of serious abuses of power since forming government in 2006. Fro...   [ continue reading...]



How Iran Deal Could Change the Middle East

By Benjamin Tua | (Foreign Policy in Focus) | – – Washington’s rapprochement with Iran has opened the door for major realignments fr...   [ continue reading...]



Did God speak to the former US President G. W. Bush? Some reflections

Nasir Khan, August 8, 2015 “God speaks through me. Without that, I couldn’t do my job.” — George W. Bush, quoted in Lancaster New Era, July 16, 2004 Suc...   [ continue reading...]



The problem with the 'women of ISIL'

Deeply problematic media narratives on Islam and women go unchallanged, distracting from the difficult questions and warping perceptions dir...   [ continue reading...]



How the Iran Deal Could Reshape the Middle East

Washington's rapprochement with Iran has opened the door for major realignments from Israel to Afghanistan.   [ continue reading...]



US Drone Campaign Needs to be Acknowledged a Failure

Short Information TeaserThe assassination drone campaign on the tribal areas of Pakistan, Somalia, Yemen and Afghanistan has been one of the controversial plans...   [ continue reading...]



From Miliband to Corbyn: Labour struggles to renew itself

To understand the rise of Corbyn, we first need to properly understand Ed Miliband's legacy.  Ed Miliband swiftly accepted responsib...   [ continue reading...]



New Mural in D.C.: Shooting the “War Thug” Presidents in the Balls

Imperial wars by Sam Husseini Some good citizen of Washington committed an act of street justice against the most fearsome gang of thugs imaginable: 11 U.S. p...   [ continue reading...]



Alternative Democracy

Parliament, initiated in the 13th Century when the population was ill-educated, is now a self-perpetuating anachronism. What are the alternatives?...   [ continue reading...]



Hungary’s refugee policy: fencing off the country

The rapidly increasing influx of asylum-seekers poses a huge challenge to Hungary. The government responds with a complete lack of solidarity, massive demagogue...   [ continue reading...]



How an Anti-Austerity Protest Candidate Became the Frontrunner for Labour’s Leadership

In June, Jeremy Corbyn finally mustered the backing of the 34 other Labour MPs he needed to become the fourth candidate for the Labour Party leadership. You pro...   [ continue reading...]



The thirty-year war, renewed

Islamic State's spreading influence in a range of countries makes the military efforts of the United States-led coalition look almost irrelevant....   [ continue reading...]



In the name of deterrence

The UK government has adopted the TINA (there is no alternative) principle to the non-payment of ransoms. But is it actually effective?...   [ continue reading...]



Afghanistan: the Forever War

After the United States has been in Afghanistan for 14 years, 91,000 Afghans have been killed and 26,000 wounded.   [ continue reading...]



Lessons from Tonkin and Libya: We Need a President Who Won’t Trick Us Into War

Fifty-one years ago, an American president deceived the public about the true purpose of a U.S. military mission, ushering in a decade of foreign policy disaste...   [ continue reading...]



As the Taliban Fight Internal Divisions, Ashraf Ghani Needs a Plan B

The Afghan government is likely to see the forcible admission of Mullah Omar’s death as opening a window of opportunity for peace   [ continue reading...]

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