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The Badger-Two Medicine Area: Too Sacred to Drill

For more than 10,000 years, the Badger-Two Medicine area near Glacier National Park in Montana has provided strength, subsistence and cultural identity for memb...   [ continue reading...]



Robert Reich: Everywhere You Look Huge Cartels Are Jacking Up Prices, Gouging You However They Can

The only way to stop them is to prevent big corporations and Wall Street banks from rigging the market. Much of the national debate about widening ine...   [ continue reading...]



IITA’s Solution Puts Smallholders’ Food, Nutrition and Income in a Bag

Sometimes the best solutions can appear to be so simple that it’s hard to imagine why they weren’t invented centuries ago. Take the so-called PICS bags, big...   [ continue reading...]



Spinning Wheels

The rubber-meets-the-road moment for all of us will be when this consumer-driven small farm moment meets the real small farm movement...   [ continue reading...]



Why did it take the U.S. so long to build its first offshore wind farm?

Slate reports: Wind-generated electricity has become a big business in the United States. From virtually nothing a decade ago, it has boomed to account for abou...   [ continue reading...]



Can Greenpeace Mobilize Millions to Save the Planet in Time?

Annie Leonard, executive director of Greenpeace USA, answers a few burning questions. The Arctic is melting. The planet is recording the warmest weat...   [ continue reading...]



We Are Winning the Fight Against Big Soda and the Health Catastrophe They've Created

Soda and other food corporations will spend fortunes to influence political processes—but we can still win. The following is an excerpt from the new...   [ continue reading...]



Rojava: Interview With Environmentalist Anarchist Fighting in Kobane

by Libertarian International Brigades The following article is an interview with an environmentalist, vegetarian anarchist from Turkey who is a member of Sosya...   [ continue reading...]



Thinking Big and Challenging Orthodox Solutions to the Climate Crisis

British science writer Leigh Phillips challenges anti-development leftist strategies to address climate change, arguing that the best response is planned econom...   [ continue reading...]



Always keep your sadness inside your heart

Leaving their family behind in Baghdad, a father and his son journey from Iraq to Finland in search of peace and security. Refugees at th...   [ continue reading...]



The Sharing Economy Is Booming in Helsinki: Here's Why

Popup stores in Helsinki during Restaurant Day in 2014. (Photo: Henri Kotka / Flickr) Helsinki is, in many respects, a sharer's paradise. The Finnish capital b...   [ continue reading...]



Buckraking on the Food Beat: When Is It a Conflict of Interest?

In an age of shrinking newspaper budgets, it's common for editors to rely on freelance writers - and for freelancers to add to their incomes with side projects....   [ continue reading...]



Fighting to Keep Coal in the Ground, Montana Activists Score a Global Victory Against Climate Change

Otter Creek Valley. (Photo by Alexis Bonogofsky) To avert catastrophic climate change, the majority of US coal reserves must stay in the ground. For this reaso...   [ continue reading...]



A Quick and Dirty Critique of Primitivist & AntiCiv Thought

by William GillisHuman Iterations When I was six-years-old my anarchist dad smuggled me a copy of Jurassic Park against my mom’s prohibitions. “When you ca...   [ continue reading...]



Why Religion is Being Dragged on to the Political Battlefield in Punjab

As elections approach, the embattled Akali-BJP alliance finds is so much easier to tinker with religious passions that address popular anger over corruption, th...   [ continue reading...]



Cotton: The Fabric of Death

Sven Beckert, Empire of Cotton: A Global History (New York: Knopf, 2014), 640 pages, $35, hardback. For four years following the 2008 mortgage crisis, I worked...   [ continue reading...]



New Species Evolves Right Before Our Eyes: Successful Mix of Wolves, Coyotes and Dogs

The coywolf now numbers in the millions, according to research. A new species combining wolves, coyotes and dogs is evolving before scientists’ eyes...   [ continue reading...]



Trade deals boosting climate change: the food factor

From deforestation to fertiliser use, and from factory farms to supermarket shelves, producing, transporting, consuming and wasting food account for around half...   [ continue reading...]



Can the Electronics Industry Provide a Living Wage? Not While Corporations Set the Rules

Workers assemble Hewlett-Packard computers at a Quanta factory in Chongqing, China, November 27, 2012. After the hardships of workers in China's electronics fac...   [ continue reading...]



From "Sustainable" to "Regenerative" - the Future of Food

The US Secretary of Agriculture wants "farmers and agricultural interests to come up with a single definition of sustainability in order to avoid confusing the...   [ continue reading...]

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