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History of Queensland’s ‘Red North’ recounted

Jim McIlroyIssue 1181May 17, 2018historyAustraliaFred Paterson remains the only Communist to have been elected to parliament in Australia.The recently re-p...   [ continue reading...]



Beyond Flint: Contaminated Drinking Water is Everywhere in America

Agricultural runoff is poorly regulated and turning many waterways across the country into dangerous cesspools The water crisis in Flint, Michigan, became...   [ continue reading...]



The final chapter for North Sea oil

Scotland’s oil should be left under the seabed By tom jervis - Flickr: Tyra East, CC BY 2...   [ continue reading...]



NYT's Thomas Friedman Explains How Trump Screwed Up the Israel Embassy Deal: 'They're Laughing at Him'

Our 'Art of the Deal' president made a really bad one. During a Tuesday conversation with CNN's Anderson Cooper, New York Times columnist Thomas Friedman...   [ continue reading...]



Supporting Organic Agriculture “Is Truly Putting America First”

As organic agriculture is the fastest growing agricultural sector—the majority of new farmers are choosing to farm using organic practices and organic far...   [ continue reading...]



If House Republicans Get Their Way, Rural Americans Are Screwed

Back in 2016, the Republican Party won the presidency and both chambers of Congress with strong support in rural areas, particularly among farmers. But since th...   [ continue reading...]



Calling for Overhaul of Nation's Food System, New Campaign Seeks Ban on Factory Farms

Jessica Corbett, staff writerFarmers, environmental advocates, and community leaders came together in Des Moines, Iowa on Monday to launch a national campaign t...   [ continue reading...]



Seventy years of Palestinian resistance since the establishment of the State of Israel

This month marks not only 70 years since the establishment of Israel and the Palestinian Nakba, but 70 years of on...   [ continue reading...]



The Massacre in Gaza: A Deliberate and Calculated Policy

Protesters run away from tear gas dispersed by Israeli forces as they inch closer to the border fence separating Israel and Gaza on May 14, 2018, in a camp east...   [ continue reading...]



Why the Sainsbury's-Asda merger is bad news for everyone

The 'mega merger' is a perfect illustration of the accelerating race to the bottom in the grocery retail sector....   [ continue reading...]



These Statistics Show Why Gazans Are Risking Their Lives To Protest Israel

Since March 30, mass protests have rocked Gaza’s border with Israel. Ten thousand or more Palestinian protesters have gathered each Friday to call for an...   [ continue reading...]



Documented Errors by Voting Officials May Be Reason Why Republicans Still Control Virginia House

A disturbing failure in our democratic system. Republicans maintained control of the Virginia House of Delegates, 51 to 49, when a race was deci...   [ continue reading...]



White House Continues Stubborn Refusal to Apologize for Disgusting Staffer Comment About 'Dying' McCain

Multiple administration officials have commented on the matter without publicly apologizing. Sen. John McCain is great, White House spokespeople keep tell...   [ continue reading...]



Libya: Battle for City Endangers Civilians

Expand Al-Wihda Hospital staff housing units in Derna, Libya, damaged by airstrikes on Febr...   [ continue reading...]



Sharing the Tech Wealth

This article appears in the Spring 2018 issue of The American Prospect magazine. Subscribe here.  When the Democratic “blue wall” stretching fr...   [ continue reading...]



Why human rights groups are beginning to support the rights of non-human animals

Solidarity must extend, not only to all people but also to animals, the earth, and the environment....   [ continue reading...]



Sustainable Food Systems; Why We do Not Need New Recipes

Many believe that the food and agricultural sector is different to all other economic sectors, that it is unique, and that it requires special economic models t...   [ continue reading...]



What Would a Mother 'Food' Cow Tell Us About Her Children?

Cows are loving mothers, but they are terrorized and abused by our cruel, inhumane factory farm system. The science behind bovine sentienceCows are truly...   [ continue reading...]



Iraq and Syria: of memory and maps

The interests of outsiders not those of the battered, bloodied and belittled peoples of Iraq and Sy...   [ continue reading...]



May 1968: The Posters That Inspired a Movement

The movement produced an important visual language for protest that still resonates half a century later. The uprisings that took hold of France in May 19...   [ continue reading...]

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