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What You Need To Know About The Greek Debt Crisis

Greek leaders have called a national referendum Sunday on austerity measures proposed by European Union leaders, in hopes of gaining renewed leverage in bailout...   [ continue reading...]



Midnight in Brussels: The Austerity Junta and Savaging Greece

Defaults are difficult.  But even more so is austerity. — Joseph E. Stiglitz and Martin Guzman, Huffington Post, June 30, 2015 British Chancellor of the Exch...   [ continue reading...]



A Greek Tragedy That Can Only Be Ended by Greece Leaving the Euro

Have the people of Greece been singled out for particularly harsh punishment by its international creditors for daring to elect Syriza? Are they being used as a...   [ continue reading...]



Why Roma migrate

Almost all central and east European Roma migrants to western Europe are not trafficked. They seek opportunities denied at home and escape from the racism perpe...   [ continue reading...]



Last Tango in Athens

Doom merchants are predicting social catastrophe for Greece. But when Argentina defaulted in 2001, it was the people - not the banks - that rallied to the rescu...   [ continue reading...]



Greferendum - once upon a time in Europe democracy broke out

The revolt is real against authoritarianism, whatever the outcome of the referendum. German Finance Minister, Schäuble talks to students...   [ continue reading...]



Interrupting Pride for Black Lives

Members of the trans and Black communities are treated as wholly disposable in this country, as are the Indigenous, marriage or no marriage. A group of Black yo...   [ continue reading...]



Paul Krugman: What Happens When the West Imposes Endless Crippling Austerity on a Country

Greece's debt trap is inescapable and its exit from the euro will hurt the whole world economy. Paul Krugman has long been sounding the alarm abo...   [ continue reading...]



No more ‘Yes to all’: time for a proud and dignified ‘NO!’

Finally, the Greek people will be able to say a dignified ‘NO!’ to austerity. We owe it to those who suffered, those who migrated — and those...   [ continue reading...]



Why I will be voting NO in Sunday's Greek referendum

In its essence, Sunday's question is one of dignity and our lives from this point on. A 'NO' demonstration in Athens. Demotix/Alexandros...   [ continue reading...]



The geopolitical implications of Europe’s debt crisis

Up until very recently, geopolitics was one of the most unpopular and outdated intellectual concepts in contemporary Europe. The eurocrisis has changed that....   [ continue reading...]



Why the left is losing the austerity argument

Unlike voters in Greece, Spain or Ireland, the Portuguese are not turning to left-wing parties – even the moderate mainstream left is failing to turn Portugal...   [ continue reading...]



Referendum and democracy: putting the demos on stage

The referendum takes the lesson of the squares to the heart of politics. The stakes are high: Greek destiny, the future of the European Union and of democr...   [ continue reading...]



Fomenting the radical imagination with movements

The dual crisis of movements and the university require activists and researchers to apply the radical imagination and foment it as a collective practice. By Ma...   [ continue reading...]



Fomenting unnecessary alarmism (or why the scenarios of a “civil war” in Greece are unfounded)

Claims that the situation in Greece may escalate into a 'civil war' misunderstand the nature of modern Greek society. A pro euro rally he...   [ continue reading...]



Greek workers should say No to Euro austerity - and so should we

There is a stark choice facing us all: allow the elites to ruin the lives of millions, or build mass resistance across the continent writes Lindsey German   [ continue reading...]



What Happens When Oligarchs and Vigilantes Take Over Public Safety in a Big City

In Detroit, safety is a privilege enjoyed by the white and wealthy. Highland Park is a tiny 3-square-mile municipality located within Detroit. Extreme...   [ continue reading...]



Economic Update: Pope Questions Capitalism

This episode provides updates on the victory by alumna, faculty and students over the autocratic board of Sweet Briar College in Virginia, the uniquely awf...   [ continue reading...]



Could a free-for-all web culture be the death of the BBC?

High quality content costs money. As households are squeezed by austerity the corporation must demonstrate the links between its funding mechanism and the democ...   [ continue reading...]



The sell offs George Osborne doesn't want you to know about

The Royal Mint, Met Office and Ordnance Survey may soon be up for grabs by private companies. Once they're gone, we'll never get them back. ...   [ continue reading...]

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