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WikiLeaks exposes text of corporations' dream treaty

Wed, 15/07/2015 By Ben Chacko Core texts of the secretive Trade in Services A...   [ continue reading...]



The decline and fall of the European Union: is it time to rip it up and start again?

There was no distinction in EU politics between friend and foe. Everything worked so nicely. But this was also the reason why nobody was greatly interested. Thi...   [ continue reading...]



Former Iran Ambassador: Nuclear Deal Is Model for Closing Path to Militarization

President Obama is defending the global agreement to curtail Iran's nuclear program as critics of the deal are accusing the White House of appeasement. The deal...   [ continue reading...]



The Real Debt Problem

(Photo: AP/Rex Features) Demonstrators protest the recent deal imposed on Greece by the European Union outside the German Embassy in London....   [ continue reading...]



Greece: This is a coup, cancel the debt!

Sat, 18/07/2015 By Socialist Alliance Statement of the Socialist Alliance nati...   [ continue reading...]



Illegal logging: Fuelling conflict and damaging livelihoods

The fight against illegal logging has been a long and protracted one. Greenpeace itself has been involved for more than 20 years and, while it is undeniable tha...   [ continue reading...]



Israel’s Hostility Toward Iran Deal Is Not Really About a Nuclear Weapon

Let’s take Bibi Netanyahu at his word for a moment. Let’s assume that he genuinely believes Iran is hell-bent on developing nuclear weapons and that...   [ continue reading...]



Grexit or Jubilee? How Greek Debt Can Be Annulled

Greece's creditors have finally brought the country to its knees, forcing President Alexis Tsipras to agree to austerity and privatization measures more severe...   [ continue reading...]



Germany's demographic challenge

Germany is by no means an unstoppable juggernaut, and the re-erection of trade barriers across the continent and a return to a strong Deutschmark would ravage t...   [ continue reading...]



Neoliberal moralism and the fiction of Europe: a postcolonial perspective

The Greek crisis reveals the way in which neoliberalism continues the instrumentalisation of internal critique that colonialism and neoconservatism have perfect...   [ continue reading...]



The Leaders of Greece Are Some of the Phoniest Idealists You'll Ever See

The true nature of the Syriza party has been seldom examined and explained. An historic betrayal has consumed Greece. Having set aside the mandate of...   [ continue reading...]



A solution for Syria (part 1)

Syria is central to the security and future of the Middle East, but conditions for a resolution of the Syrian conflict through a political solution do not exist...   [ continue reading...]



The Ukraine Mess That Nuland Made

As the Ukrainian army squares off against ultra-right and neo-Nazi militias in the west and violence against ethnic Russians continues in the east, the obvious...   [ continue reading...]



Some harsh truths for Germans, Greeks, and Europeans

As Greek-German antipathy threatens to tear Europe apart, a committed European - and Greek-German - challenges each of his nations' stubborn provincialisms to o...   [ continue reading...]



“What now for Greece? What now for the left?”

Logics of financial capital are all the more powerful blended with cultural logics. From now on, do Greeks need to keep their “orientalist radar” active whe...   [ continue reading...]



Why European countries can't stop selling warplanes to dictators

The sale of 24 Rafale combat jets to Egypt was portrayed as a great moment for France by most politicians and media. Very few expressed concerns about arming an...   [ continue reading...]



The left must put Britain’s EU withdrawal on the agenda

Progressives should be appalled by European Union’s ruination of Greece. It’s time to reclaim the Eurosceptic cause   [ continue reading...]



On the Euro Summit’s Statement on Greece: First thoughts

Never before has the European Union made a decision that undermines so fundamentally the project of European Integration   [ continue reading...]



Landmark Nuclear Deal Aims to Prevent an Iranian Bomb for at Least 10 Years

Negotiators from Iran, the US and five other world powers have reached agreement on a landmark deal to curb Iran's nuclear program, diplomats here announced Tue...   [ continue reading...]



Huge International Coalition Calls for a Big Change to WTO Agenda

Negotiations in the WTO are heating up – and they are going badly. Remember the “Doha Round” of the WTO? Yeah, I wish I didn’t either. Negoti...   [ continue reading...]

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