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Roger Stone Secretly Asked for WikiLeaks' Dirt on Hillary Clinton: Report

Recent reports suggest that Stone is a major figure in special counsel Robert Mueller's investigation. Conservative provocateur and long-time ally of the...   [ continue reading...]



CNN's Chris Cuomo Corners GOP Rep Claiming Russia Penetrated Clinton's Campaign More Than Trump's

Rep. Peter King (R-NY) also claimed there was no "unprecedented penetration of a presidential campaign by Russia." CNN’s Chris Cuomo on Thursday ham...   [ continue reading...]



'This Thing Is Going To Blow Up': Here's Why Trump's Meddling in the Russia Probe Is Likely to Get Worse

"The president is going to push for another confrontation." John Heilemann, and MSNBC analyst and journalist, told Nicolle Wallace of "Deadline: White Hou...   [ continue reading...]



Rep. Schiff Reveals There's 'No Evidence' for Trump's Ridiculous 'Spy' Conspiracy Theory After Classified Briefing

Trump's lawyer's "presence and statement at the outset of both meetings today was completely inappropriate," Schiff added. After a much-hyped meeting betw...   [ continue reading...]



The New COINTELPRO? Meet the Black Activist Jailed for Months After FBI Targeting & Surveillance

In Texas, a black activist says he is the first person to be targeted and prosecuted under a secretive U.S. surveillance effort to track so-called black identit...   [ continue reading...]



Trump’s Latest Tweets Are Gaslighting Americans – Here’s How

He's lying, constantly. But those lies become facts in everyone's mind – yours and mine included – unless we wholly discredit every word he utters...   [ continue reading...]



Trump’s Corruption: Thanks to Koch Brothers, GOP Congress Is in on the Take

(AP Photo/J. Scott Applewhite) Representative Devin Nunes walks with Representative Peter King at the Capitol in Washington on February 6, 2018....   [ continue reading...]



How Fox News' Sean Hannity Spent the Last Year Laying the Groundwork for an Authoritarian Response to Mueller's Russia Probe: Report

Understanding the president's increasingly hyperaggressive response to the Mueller investigation requires a familiarity with the paranoid conspiracy theory th...   [ continue reading...]



Trump Allies Don't Want Democrats at Their Shady Meeting with the DOJ—Here's Why That's So Suspicious

Reps. Gowdy and Nunes apparently want information about the Russia investigation that they don't want others to hear. President Donald Trump's congression...   [ continue reading...]



Trump Is Actually Hurting Legitimate Efforts to Stop MS-13 — He Just Uses the Gang to Score Political Points

His attacks on the DOJ are a danger. Former FBI Special Agent Clint Watts said that President Donald Trump’s attacks on the Department of Justice ar...   [ continue reading...]



Vote EFF on CREDO's May Ballot

Right now you can help EFF receive a portion of a $150,000+ donation pool without even opening your wallet. EFF is one of the three nonprofits featured in CREDO...   [ continue reading...]



Trump Ramps Up Attacks Against FBI and “Criminal Deep State”

President Donald Trump continued to fume over unconfirmed rumors that an FBI informant spied on his presidential campaign for political purposes, tweeting angri...   [ continue reading...]



Hightower: Democracy Is Dying in America — We're Now Under the Rule of Trump's Cronies

Something unconscionable is at work here. In the fierce labor wars of the last century, industrial barons employed Pinkertons and other goons to bloody th...   [ continue reading...]



Legal Analyst Says Giuliani Basically Admitted Trump's Campaign Broke the Law by Taking 'Gift' from Russians

"It isn’t illegal... It was sort of like a gift,” the president's lawyer said. But experts question the first part. President Donald Trump's l...   [ continue reading...]



Comey rips GOP For Enabling Trump's FBI Attacks: 'How Will Republicans Explain This to Their Grandchildren?'

"Attacks on the FBI and lying about its work will do lasting damage to our country.” Former FBI Director James Comey on Wednesday slammed Republican...   [ continue reading...]



Here's What Mueller Asked Jared Kushner About During His 7-Hour Interview

"They were the appropriate topics that Bob Mueller and his team are looking at." Jared Kushner, top aide and son-in-law to President Donald Trump, was rec...   [ continue reading...]



'A Fable in Which He Is the Victim': CNN's Jake Tapper Demolishes Trump's Absurd FBI Conspiracies

Trump is spinning a wild conspiracy theory to distract from his own scandalous behavior. As the pressure builds against President Donald Trump, he is doub...   [ continue reading...]



Mueller Asks Judge to Move Ahead With Sentencing of Former Trump Advisor George Papadopoulos

A former federal prosecutor says the move means special counsel Robert Mueller is likely not planning on using Papadopoulos as a trial witness. Special co...   [ continue reading...]



Trump Admitted He's 'Branding' an FBI Informant as a 'Spy' Because It Sounds Worse: AP

A new report reveals that the president knows exactly what he's doing. When President Donald Trump says something ridiculous or outlandish, there's often...   [ continue reading...]



Complicit: Trump’s Hypnosis of the Republican Party is Complete — And the Fate of America's Democracy Itself is at Stake

Make no mistake about it: President Donald Trump has tested the Republican Party's soul, and the GOP has been found wanting. The problem isn't that the pr...   [ continue reading...]

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