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Target Hezbollah

Israel backed al-Qaeda and the Islamic State in Syria in an effort to weaken Bashar al-Assad and Iran. The effort has failed and now Israel and Saudi Arabia are...   [ continue reading...]



Israel’s leadership talks up another war with Hezbollah in Lebanon

The Guardian reports: Israel’s political and military leadership appears to have concluded that a conflict with Lebanon’s Hezbollah is becoming incr...   [ continue reading...]



How the Saudi Plot to Topple the Lebanese Government Backfired

The Saudis may be holding the Lebanese Prime Minister hostage but their apparent plan to topple the Beirut government has gloriously backfired. Far from breakin...   [ continue reading...]



Saudis appear to have kidnapped Lebanon’s prime minister Hariri

David Ignatius writes: Former Lebanese prime minister Saad Hariri is being held by Saudi authorities under what Lebanese sources say amounts to house arrest in...   [ continue reading...]



How Trump's CIA Used Bin Laden Files and a Neocon Think Tank to Escalate Tensions With Iran

Click here for reuse options! An ex-CIA analyst has raised suspicions about the CIA’s release of bin Laden do...   [ continue reading...]



Saudi's 'War on Lebanon' Backfires

After being accused of forcing him to resign, Saudi Arabia's apparent detention of Lebanese Prime Minister Saad Hariri has boosted support for Hezbollah, says a...   [ continue reading...]



Will Israel go to war with Hezbollah and fight a Saudi war to the last Israeli?

The New York Times reports: There are no signs of war preparations in Israel. The country is not mobilizing troops on its northern border or calling up reservis...   [ continue reading...]



Is Israel Winning “The War Between The Wars” with Hezbollah/Iran?

Israeli commanders, stationed along Syria’s southern border and the Golan Heights and Quneitra Valley, with some of their forces now operating daily more...   [ continue reading...]



In the Saudi Game of Thrones, a Prince Knocks Over the House of Cards

AP Photo/Pavel Golovkin, pool, File Saudi Deputy Crown Prince and Defense Minister Mohammed bin Salman  In very recent memory, the true god...   [ continue reading...]



Saudi Arabia orders its citizens out of Lebanon, raising fears of war

The New York Times reports: Saudi Arabia ordered its citizens to leave Lebanon on Thursday, escalating a bewildering crisis between the two Arab nations and rai...   [ continue reading...]



Contagion effect and the Saudi grand game in the Middle East

The willingness of Mohammed bin Salman to embark on a series of moves against Iranian power in the Middle East alr...   [ continue reading...]



Saudi Prince Salman's Chess Game with Hezbollah in Lebanon

Prince Salman's counter coup d'etat in Saudi Arabia​ has resulted in the forced resignation of ​Prime Minister Hariri in Lebanon says Vijay Prashad   [ continue reading...]



Saudi Arabia Is Now At War With Iran on Four Fronts

A few months ago Saudi Arabia more-or-less declared war on Qatar. Today they’ve more-or less declared war on Lebanon (because Hezbollah exists) and Iran (...   [ continue reading...]



Hezbollah Says Saudi Arabia Forced Lebanese PM to Quit

Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah, the leader of Iran-backed Hezbollah, said there should be no political escalation in response to Hariri's declaration on Saturday, whic...   [ continue reading...]



Lebanese PM Hariri resigns, attacking Iran, Hezbollah

Reuters reports: Lebanon’s Prime Minister Saad al-Hariri resigned on Saturday, saying he believed there was an assassination plot against him and accusing...   [ continue reading...]



Iran Is the Winner in the Attempt to Crush the Kurds

With America’s demise in the region, Iran has the potential to project its power unchecked in the region. Iraq’s attack on Kirkuk was directed...   [ continue reading...]



Syrian Army Takes Full Control of Deir Al-Zor From ISIS

The Syrian army launched its attack against ISIS there in September, backed by Russian airstrikes and fighting alongside Iran-backed militias and the Lebanese S...   [ continue reading...]



Syria, the uprising and the media scene

The Syrian revolutionary process is a more thoroughly documented uprising than has ever been seen before in histor...   [ continue reading...]



Trump and Netanyahu Walk in Lockstep on Iran

In spite of the fact that the UN International Atomic Energy Agency has certified eight times that Iran is meeting its obligations under the nuclear deal, Trump...   [ continue reading...]



Trump Targets Hezbollah, and ISIS May Benefit

The Trump administration is offering a bounty on two Hezbollah leaders and making unfounded warnings of a potential attack by the group "on the homeland." Autho...   [ continue reading...]

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