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Progressive psychoanalytic organization splits, silencing members over a Tel Aviv conference

Both the supporters and the opponents of a Tel Aviv conference are getting ready for the IARPP 2018 conference in...   [ continue reading...]



Candidates Backed by Sanders's "Our Revolution" Organization Achieve Early Success

Sen. Bernie Sanders speaks at a rally in Mesa, Arizona, on April 21, 2017. (Photo: Gage Skidmore) Candidates endorsed by the Bernie Sanders-inspired organizati...   [ continue reading...]



Mass Poisoning and Domestic Military Attacks: Secretive Pentagon Documents Predict Dystopian Dangers in the US

Hypothetical scenarios designed to represent probable threats describe a bleak future for terrorism. For almost 20 years, U.S. drone warfare was largely o...   [ continue reading...]



Pentagon Documents Detail Dystopian Dangers That Never Happened

(Image: Mopic / Shutterstock) Help Truthout supply a counterpoint to the dangerous rhetoric and misinformation spewing forth from Washington DC. It takes less...   [ continue reading...]



Will Teacher Uprisings Change Democrats?

Anyone wondering whether teacher uprisings this spring will influence party politics and elections in November should look at what's happened in this year's pri...   [ continue reading...]



Why Does Israel’s Illegal Separation Wall Still Stand?

In his new documentary, “Broken,” Palestinian-American filmmaker Mohammed Alatar looks for answers The 400-mile wall meant to divid...   [ continue reading...]



The Apprenticeship of Jordan Peterson

If you want to understand a little more about the rise of masculinity superstar Jordan Peterson, I recommend this piece by Bernard Schiff in the Toronto Star to...   [ continue reading...]



Video: Who are the Palestinians traveling through Rafah crossing?

Last week, Egyptian President Abd al-Fatah al-Sisi announced the opening of the Rafah border crossing with Gaza for the entire month of Ramadan, which he said w...   [ continue reading...]



US Treatment of Palestinians Has Grown Horrendously Cruel

Why doesn't this site have ads? In order to maintain our integrity, Truthout doesn't accept any advertising money. Help us keep it this way -- make a donation t...   [ continue reading...]



While Few Notice, the Supreme Court Is Making Corporate Human Rights Abuses Easier

In our current news environment, any news that's not about President Trump gets short shrift, even if it's news emanating from the Supreme Court. On April 24, 2...   [ continue reading...]



Paulette Jordan Just Got One Step Closer to Becoming the Country’s First Native American Governor

Triumphant as the Democratic nominee in Idaho’s gubernatorial primary last week, Paulette Jordan now has an uphill ride in the general election: Her state...   [ continue reading...]



Calls for ICC to investigate Israel for killing journalists

Tamara NassarIssue 1182May 24, 2018Palestinemediahuman rightsIsraelIsrael injured dozens of Palestinian journalists covering the Great March of Return prot...   [ continue reading...]



The Right-Wing Origins of the Jerusalem Soccer Team That Wants to Add ‘Trump’ to Its Name

Beitar Jerusalem has always attracted the outsiders, the oppressed and the victimized – Israel's 'forgotten Jews.' <p>In a nod of appreciation...   [ continue reading...]



Here's What It's Like to Live in a $17 Airbnb

The truth of the company's impact is more complicated—and less lofty—than democratizing travel. My friends had grown tired of my guest room in...   [ continue reading...]



10 Commencement Speakers Who Told Students to ‘Rise Up for Peace and Justice’

Brandon Jordan From Anita Hill to Chadwick Boseman, these speakers reminded students that they have the ability to improve the world they are entering. The pos...   [ continue reading...]



Republicans Celebrate After They Endangered the Life of US Intelligence Source

The source was named in multiple news outlets. Last week, Donald Trump appointee and FBI Director Christopher Wray warned againstrevealing the name o...   [ continue reading...]



Bayou Bridge Pipeline Construction Proceeds in Louisiana Community Despite Invalid Permit Ruling

Workers proceed with construction of the Bayou Bridge Pipeline in St. James, Louisiana. (Photo: Julie Dermansky ©2018) Truthout can only survive through r...   [ continue reading...]



Israel Continues to Aggress Against Syria While Playing the Victim

In recent months, much has been written and discussed in the US mainstream media about the possibility of all-our war between Israel and its adversaries in the...   [ continue reading...]



Why "Blue State" Teachers Need Their Own Revolt

Ready to challenge injustice and spark real change? So are we. Support Truthout's mission today by making a tax-deductible donation. California is arguably the...   [ continue reading...]



HBO’s 'Fahrenheit 451': Bradbury’s Dystopian Nightmare Future is Now Peak Trump Era

Is it a great adaptation of Ray Bradbury’s masterpiece? No. But Michael B. Jordan gives a stunning performance Director Ramin Bahrani doesn’t...   [ continue reading...]

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