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Saving the Arctic Requires Action on Climate Change and Air Pollution

Tine Sundtoft is the Minister of Climate and Environment of Norway. Christian Friis Bach is Under-Secretary-General of the United Nations, Executive Secretary o...   [ continue reading...]



Boats in the night

"Even if we didn’t do a perfect job, we could do something together. It would be better than nothing and certainly better than the absence of support offered...   [ continue reading...]



European democracy after Paris

Ironically, as political distrust and dissatisfaction are at all-time highs in Europe, the vast majority of people are still willing to give unprecedented power...   [ continue reading...]



The climate conference and the corporate lobbyists dressed in green

Polluters have been given pride of place at COP21, right next to the national delegations. The climate talks in Paris are being held in a...   [ continue reading...]



The hard dilemma: counterterrorism and/or shallow freedom

How do we limit the freedom of individual terrorists, terrorist groups and support networks to operate unimpeded in a relatively unregulated environment, whilst...   [ continue reading...]



Bernie Sanders' 12 Best Reasons for Being a Democratic Socialist

Sanders stands beside the New Deal, Great Society and civil rights movement. In a highly anticipated speech, Sen. Bernie Sanders passionately detailed...   [ continue reading...]



We need more, not less democracy

I hope you'll join me in installing free software for freedom, fighting against mass surveillance, and refusing to be instrumentalised by those who have failed...   [ continue reading...]



Paris Prospects: Texas Political Cowboy Leads Latest Anti-Science Attacks

Back in the day, when America's Cowboy-in-Chief was Ronald Reagan, the former movie star and horse lover set a high-saddle level for his followers to admire and...   [ continue reading...]



Why Slavoj Zizek Is Wrong About the Syrian Refugee Crisis—And Psychoanalysis

Yesterday, Slavoj Zizek responded to my earlier critique of his discussion of the migrant crisis. There are a few strange moments in his pie...   [ continue reading...]



Carers of the world unite

Women carers are still fighting for the right to not be impoverished, overworked, isolated, or exploited in their work. From left to righ...   [ continue reading...]



Breaking the Taboos: In the Wake of Paris Attacks the Left Must Embrace Its Radical Western Roots

In the first half of 2015, Europe was preoccupied by radical emancipatory movements (Syriza and Podemos), while in the second half the attention shifted to the...   [ continue reading...]



Why Have So Many Fallen for the Rune Stone Hoax?

The idea that Vikings had arrived in America before Columbus gave Minnesota’s Scandinavian immigrants a sense that America was their rightful home....   [ continue reading...]



10 Shocking Economic Facts that Power the Sanders Insurgency

These facts provide the glue for the Sanders message. Why are so many drawn to the Sanders message?  It's not because he's a political outsider. (He...   [ continue reading...]



Morocco: Drop Charges Against Activists

Historian, Four Others Accused of ‘Undermining Internal Security’(Tunis) – Moroccan authorities should drop charges against a historian and other activist...   [ continue reading...]



He’s Baaaaack! Michael Moore’s Radical New Road Movie

Submitted by Ed Rampell on Fri, 11/06/2015 - 3:48pm Ed Rampell In the beginning of his new documentary Where to Invad...   [ continue reading...]



Why do people smear themselves with mud and then complain that they are dirty?

One proverb can capture the condition of a nation, and help people to move beyond their own self-oppression. Credit:   [ continue reading...]



Which source do students trust more? BBC News vs Facebook News Feed

Despite growing disenchantment with TV and the press, new research finds students continue to trust the BBC and mainstream media more than their Facebook friend...   [ continue reading...]



How did complex creatures evolve from simple single-celled organisms?

Emily Singer writes: In September 2014, Christa Schleper embarked on an unusual hunting expedition in Slovenia. Instead of seeking the standard quarry of deer o...   [ continue reading...]



It's impossible to predict the defining narratives of the Brexit campaign

Who will be seen as being on the public's side, the Ins or the Outs? Flickr/GlasgowAmateur, CC BY-SA 2.0 The big challenges for all sides...   [ continue reading...]



This Could Be the Worst Climate Crisis in the World Right Now

On Monday afternoon, Indonesian President Joko Widodo cut short a visit to the United States and headed home to oversee efforts to extinguish a rash of epic wil...   [ continue reading...]

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