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State Department Urged to Press FDA to Curb Mercury Dental Fillings

Washington - Sixty US and foreign environmental groups say the Food and Drug Administration is dragging its feet in complying with an international treaty that...   [ continue reading...]



The UN: are development and peace empty words?

As governments prepare to adopt the UN's 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development, their roles in producing and selling weapons that undermine development, peace...   [ continue reading...]



Our Incoherent China Policy (Fall Preview)

This article appears in the Fall 2015 issue of The American Prospect magazine. Subscribe here. In the summer of 2009, I was invited with a few other policy...   [ continue reading...]



Weaning Norway off the oil

An alliance between unions, environmental organisations, religious institutions and researchers is a strange mix. But a just transition to a sustainable society...   [ continue reading...]



Heartbreaking Photo of a Starving Polar Bear Has Become the New Icon of Climate Change

Photographer Kerstin Langenberger's tragic image of an emaciated polar bear in Svalbard has gone viral and highlighted the climate change crisis....   [ continue reading...]



Privatizing Childhood: Rich Parents Spend Ivy League Tuition Prices on Preschool and Billions on Luxury Baby Gear

Increased pressure on parents in the US corresponds directly with the intensification of wealth concentration. The following is an excerpt from the ne...   [ continue reading...]



"The Changing Climate On Climate Change" by Gro Harlem Brundtland

In the early 1990s, when I was Prime Minister of Norway, I once found myself debating sustainable development with an opposition leader who insisted that I tell...   [ continue reading...]



The Larger Meaning of Jeremy Corbyn

(Photo: AP/Rex Features) Labour Party Leader Jeremy Corbyn speaks at a rally for refugees in London on September 12. This article originally...   [ continue reading...]



Sounds Like Sci-Fi Horror, but It's Frighteningly Real: Giant Viruses May Be Unleashed by Arctic Thaw

Scientists have found pathogens in permafrost that remain infectious after 30,000 years. It’s a scenario straight out of The X-Files: A prehistoric...   [ continue reading...]



Here’s How Bernie Sanders May Be Changing Politics for Good

Sometime in the late 1970s, after he'd divorced his college sweetheart, had a kid with another woman, lost four statewide elections, and been evicted from his h...   [ continue reading...]



Q&A: Can a Divided Europe Handle the Refugee Crisis?

by Sebastian Rotella Laura Boldrini, the president of Italy’s Chamber of Deputies, has unusually strong credent...   [ continue reading...]



Fact-checking Argentina’s elections

Facts, lies and statistics: these have become key themes on the campaign trail for October’s national election in Argentina. Plaza de M...   [ continue reading...]



10 Countries With the World's Highest and Lowest Pot Prices

That gram that would cost you $1 in Montevideo goes for more than 20 times as much in Oslo. In a truly open global market, marijuana would behave lik...   [ continue reading...]



Slavoj Zizek: We Can’t Address the EU Refugee Crisis Without Confronting Global Capitalism

In her classic study On Death and Dying, Elisabeth Kübler-Ross proposed the famous scheme of the five stages of how we react upon learning that we have a t...   [ continue reading...]



Borderland Europe and the challenge of migration

We tend to think that the external limits of the European Union define the 'real' borders of Europe, which is a mistake. The wrinkled sea...   [ continue reading...]



Refugee Blues

(Photo: AP/Rex Features) Hungarian police stop a train in Bicske, Hungary, that was carrying refugees from Budapest to the Austrian border, on September...   [ continue reading...]



The U.S. Has A Lot To Learn From Norway’s Prisons

Although Norway has some of the lowest incarceration rates in the world, it's run out of room in its prison system. The post The U.S. Has A Lot To Learn From...   [ continue reading...]



The potential of wind power

Imagine an advanced, industrialised country with a sophisticated economy and high energy needs being powered just by renewable energy. To be precise, wind power...   [ continue reading...]



The Next Not-So-Cold War: As Climate Change Heats Arctic, Nations Scramble for Control and Resources

President Barack Obama arrived in Alaska on Monday for a three-day tour during which he will become the first sitting U.S. president to visit the Alaska Arctic....   [ continue reading...]



Is the US backtracking on Sri Lanka's post-war accountability process?

Has the US actually changed its commitment to see international involvement in the post-war reconciliation process? Maybe. But many in the minority communities...   [ continue reading...]

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