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Refugees on Manus speak out after another death

Zebedee ParkesIssue 1182May 25, 2018refugee rightsAustralia Medical students at a Detention Harms Health refugee rally in Sydney on April 7. Photo: Zeb Par...   [ continue reading...]



Poem: Manus as Tourist Attraction — Contract Bid

John MonfriesIssue 1182May 25, 2018refugee rightspoetryAustraliaPNG has asked that someone be tasked To examine Manus as a destination For tourism indeed,...   [ continue reading...]



Myanmar: Deadline to Report on Rape of Rohingya to UN

Expand A Rohingya woman walks through Kutupalong refugee camp in Cox’s Bazar, Banglad...   [ continue reading...]



Understanding right and left populisms

Neoliberal globalization has increased both economic insecurity and cultural anxiety. Have theories of populism ta...   [ continue reading...]



An Empire of Nothing at All? The US Military Takes Us Through the Gates of Hell

Although the peace movement is not a loud voice at this time in the US, it should be. In this introduction of A Nation Unmade by War, Tom Engelhardt discus...   [ continue reading...]



Bangladesh: Landslides Threaten Rohingya Shelters

Tens of thousands of Rohingya refugees in camps in Bangladesh are at imminent risk of landslides. Bangladesh authorities, with the a...   [ continue reading...]



A tale of Rojava and Europe: no time for dried-up dreams

Rojava is a project born of a historical experience, built and fought for by people who have understood that the o...   [ continue reading...]



Gazan journalist: 'We are not numbers'

Yousef Al-HelouIssue 1182May 24, 2018Palestinehuman rightsIsraelYousef Al-Helou.Yousef Al-Helou is a British-based journalist from Gaza city who has worked...   [ continue reading...]



American Global Power Is Fading – And Here's How That Could Change the World

The loss of the country's might doesn't have to create a vacuum filled by autocracy. Month by month, tweet by tweet, the events of the past two years have...   [ continue reading...]



What’s behind China’s anti-Kazakh campaign?

If you're an ethnic Kazakh or a Kazakh citizen in northwest China, you can face detention on espionage and extremi...   [ continue reading...]



Christian Bishop Who Stole the Show at Royal Wedding Will Lead White House Protest

The Episcopal Church is joining the resistance. Episcopal Presiding Bishop Michael Curry, who recently came to global prominence for his viral social just...   [ continue reading...]



Malaysia: Act Quickly on Human Rights Commitments

Expand Malaysia's newly elected Prime Minister Mahathir Mohamad attends a news conference i...   [ continue reading...]



World Cup No Time to Obscure Plight of Syrians

This is no time to obscure the plight of Syrians. World leaders should abstain from attending the opening ceremony of the World Cup...   [ continue reading...]



Lib-pop politics: Italy’s new government is more neoliberal than populist

The fear is that populism, Italian style, has achieved power. But neoliberal policies rule more than ever, tinged...   [ continue reading...]



An Extreme Climate Forces Extreme Measures as Worst-Case Predictions Are Realized

Mt. Rainier. (Photo: George Artwood; Edited: LW / TO) The speed of planetary warming and all of its subsequent consequences continues to outpace previous worst...   [ continue reading...]



Asylum Seekers In Israel Confronting an Agonizing Future

Israeli courts  deemed it legitimate for municipalities to shut off electricity and water services to African Refugees says David Sheen an independent jour...   [ continue reading...]



UNHCR launches global #HandinHand campaign

The United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees, UNHCR, is intensifying its efforts to support the overwhelming number of families torn apart by war and viole...   [ continue reading...]



How Trump Assaults the Very Language of American Democracy with Every Word He Utters

Trump’s strategic assault on democracy, word-by-word. Consider us officially in an Orwellian world, though we only half realize it. While we were ba...   [ continue reading...]



Why we cannot be starry-eyed about Labor’s budget reply

Susan PriceIssue 1181May 18, 2018Our Common CausebudgethealtheducationAustraliaOpposition Leader Bill Shorten’s budget speech was election-focused, w...   [ continue reading...]



Australia: a rogue state promoting climate catastrophe

Sam WainwrightIssue 1181PerthMay 18, 2018Fighting FundClimate changeenvironmentAustraliaIt is bad enough that Australia is not on track to cut its greenhou...   [ continue reading...]

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