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Why the UK really needs wealth creators and hardworking people

The two phrases, so beloved of politicians, stem from a fundamental shift in the role of the worker in post-industrial Britain. David Cam...   [ continue reading...]



Is there an Alternative for Denmark?

The outcome of Denmark's general election on June 18 could depend heavily on the success of a radical new party called The Alternative. U...   [ continue reading...]



“The EU is a first step”: an interview with Federico Campagna

Jamie Mackay talks to the writer and philosopher about the UK election result, the forthcoming referendum on EU membership and historic ideas of Europe that are...   [ continue reading...]



The people united: on the populism of the Mediterranean purple wave

The populist discourse of Podemos and Syriza is the attempt to cope with a post-industrial and crisis-ridden economy in which traditional class identifications...   [ continue reading...]



Scandal and corruption: Spanish voters take their chances

With the two party system under threat in Spain following last week's elections, the right is sounding increasingly ridiculous as it accuses the left of trying...   [ continue reading...]



Horizontal Democracy Now: From Alterglobalization to Occupation

by Marianne Maeckelbergh Interface : a journal for and about social movements Volume 4 (1 ): 207 – 234 ( May 2012 ) When the hundreds of thousands of peopl...   [ continue reading...]



Five politics classics every activist should know about

And they’re not all what you think... 1. Saul Alinsky’s Rules For Radicals (1971) The McCarthy era decimated the ranks of American rad...   [ continue reading...]



Spain:‭ '‬Popular unity‭' ‬councils sworn in amid huge enthusiasm‭

Sat, 20/06/2015 By Dick Nichols, Barcelona The squares in front of scores of t...   [ continue reading...]



The World's Highest (and Lowest) Cocaine Prices

Where do you think Sydney, Australia lands? Cocaine remains the world's priciest party drug, according to the just-released 2015 Global Drug Survey, b...   [ continue reading...]



White Supremacy Continues to Provide Protection for Imperialism

American white nationalism by Danny Haiphong “The history leading up to the so-called American ‘Revolution’ is riddled with US imperial deception.” T...   [ continue reading...]



Western-Backed Terrorism in the Congo: Where is General Laurent Nkunda?

Congo genocide by keith harmon snow Rwanda and Uganda, the U.S.-allied perpetual perpetrators of genocidal violence in the Congo, appear to have launched anot...   [ continue reading...]



There is nothing left, only ruins

MaÅ¡a Drndić’s film The Waiting Point traverses destruction and stagnation in Croatia. At the Open City Documentary Festival on 20 June 2015....   [ continue reading...]



Building the climate movement: is another world possible?

How can we articulate a vision for a progressive climate future? Can we bring diverse strands together? Flickr/DB Young. Some rights rese...   [ continue reading...]



A dilemma for Podemos

Bitter-sweet success in Spain’s regional and local election forces Podemos to choose - between joining with other Left parties, following the example of Barce...   [ continue reading...]



The challenge facing the Liberal Democrats

The Lib Dems must embark on an ambitious course if they are to survive in the new, fractured political landscape. Flickr/Liberal Democrat...   [ continue reading...]



ICC action and the domestic effects of transnational criminality

Noisy discussions in the Israeli/Palestinian context have obscured how the ICC’s role may impact Israel’s relations with other states, especially in Europe....   [ continue reading...]



David Vine: The forgotten costs of war in the Middle East

I’m sure that you’ve heard about the three bare-bones “staging outposts” or, in the lingo of the trade, “cooperative security loca...   [ continue reading...]



Paul Krugman on How the Big Lies Told by the Powerful Have Come to Rule the World

Seriously bad ideas have remarkable staying power. That's no accident. It may come as small consolation to Americans that Paul Krugman thinks that Brit...   [ continue reading...]



5 Incredible Breakthroughs in Pot Science That Mainstream Media Is Finally Paying Attention To

The recent shift in public opinion about marijuana has propelled a historic heave against the research blockade. In spite of decades of politicization and p...   [ continue reading...]



On gender and migration

More than through any other lens, migration foregrounds gender as a construct that is also at once a process in the making. Bombo. UNU-GCM....   [ continue reading...]

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