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Prices of Vices: How Much Will $20 U.S. Dollars Buy You Across the World, In Drugs?

Note the wide disparity of drug prices across the countries surveyed. With the recent turn of economic events in Greece and China, it has become ever...   [ continue reading...]



More and More Americans Agree With Bernie Sanders, and Not Just Those Who Identify With the Left

Although pegged as a fringe candidate, Sanders' views are surprisingly mainstream. Now that Bernie Sanders is rapidly climbing in the polls and a...   [ continue reading...]



5 American Sex Norms Europeans Probably Think Are Insane

Some of the biggest sexual WTFs Europeans have about America. Europeans tend to see a lot of American ideals and behaviors as bizarre. In particular,...   [ continue reading...]



More and More Americans Agree With Bernie Sanders -- And Not Just Those Who Identify With the Left

Although pegged as a fringe candidate, Sanders' views are surprisingly mainstream. Now that Bernie Sanders is rapidly climbing in the polls and a...   [ continue reading...]



7 myths about immigration

On the face of it, our many misconceptions about immigration form a very depressing picture. Yet more accurate information can shift public opinion in a more po...   [ continue reading...]



Drawing the line between free speech and online radicalisation

Two court rulings in Denmark and Sweden reveal the contradictions at the heart of the European debate on free speech versus incitement to terrorism....   [ continue reading...]



Julian Assange Is Denied Asylum in France

Cancillería del Ecuador / CC BY 2.0 WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange’s asylum plea to France has been rejected. Living in the Ecuadorean Embassy in Londo...   [ continue reading...]



Let's Make America a Healthier Place and Start Walking

People from across America will gather in D.C. this fall to proclaim walking as human right. Walking is moving fast these days. We may think of it as...   [ continue reading...]



How Poor Black Lives Matter to U.S. Capitalism Today: Reflections on “The New Jim Crow”

mass black incarceration by Paul Street The U.S. mass incarceration regime measures Black lives by the value that can be derived from their imprisonment. “T...   [ continue reading...]



Is Bernie Sanders Too Radical for America?

AP Photo/Jacquelyn Martin In this photo taken May 20, 2015, Democratic Presidential candidate Senator Bernie Sanders poses for a portrait before an inte...   [ continue reading...]



The utter failure of the international community to protect civilians in Syria

The Syrian people need an immediate no-fly zone, and for the alternatives to IS/Da'esh and Assad to be taken seriously. A water collectio...   [ continue reading...]




Julian Assange, founder and editor of WikiLeaks, has now been a refugee in the Ecuadoream embassy in London for three years. The key issue in his extraordinary...   [ continue reading...]



Reading Russia is never easy

While there are Putinversteher to be found everywhere in Europe there seem to be no Europaversteher in Russia. Where does this lack of understanding come from?...   [ continue reading...]



Only One-Third of the EU Is Governed by the Center-Left

mark notari / (CC BY 2.0) Since last year’s European parliament elections, where conservative forces took the largest bloc, there have been 13 parliamentary...   [ continue reading...]



The Town That Banned Wi-Fi

‘Electrosensitive’ people are flocking to the W.VA home of a deep-space telescope, attracted by the rules prohibiting phones, TVs and radios. Up a...   [ continue reading...]



Refugees in the centre of Athens

A red line is crossed when you start thieving from refugees in order to survive or feed your addiction. ‘We can only survive as human beings through our solid...   [ continue reading...]



Still failing after all these years

Writers and producers of BBC television drama are being stifled by the corporation's top-down commissioning system.  Nostalgia for a...   [ continue reading...]



Western-Backed Terrorism in the Congo: Where is General Laurent Nkunda?

Congo genocide by keith harmon snow Rwanda and Uganda, the U.S.-allied perpetual perpetrators of genocidal violence in the Congo, appear to have launched anot...   [ continue reading...]



Why the new far-right political group in the European Parliament is a political failure

Marine Le Pen and Geert Wilders announced the formation of the new Europe of Nations and Freedoms group in the European Parliament today. A financial success? S...   [ continue reading...]



Feeding the Frenzy: The Sanders Syndrome Hits Home Court

by Paul Street Attending an Iowa event for Bernie Sanders, Paul Street notes that his crowd is mostly aging left white Democrats who shunned the 2012 Occupy mov...   [ continue reading...]

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