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EU/NATO: Europe’s Plan Endangers Foreigners in Libya

Launch Gallery Drawing by a Senegalese man hanging in the Villa Sikania...   [ continue reading...]



Ban Forced Anal Exams Around World

(Geneva) – Forced anal examinations on men and transgender women accused of consensual same-sex conduct have been reported in at least eight countries in...   [ continue reading...]



Tunisia: Uphold Rights While Fighting Terrorism

Expand Tunisian students during a march on December 23, 2015, in memory of 12 presidential...   [ continue reading...]



Kenya: Court to Hear Forced Anal Testing Case

(Nairobi) – A Kenyan court will hear a constitutional petition challenging the use of forced anal examinations of men accused of homosexuality on May 4, 2...   [ continue reading...]



Tunisia: UN Panel Condemns Forced Anal Exams

(Tunis) – The United Nations Committee Against Torture, in its most recent evaluation of Tunisia, condemned the use of forced anal examinations as an atte...   [ continue reading...]



Kenya: Court Upholds Forced Anal Exams

(Nairobi) – A Kenyan Court has ruled that forced anal examinations and forced HIV and Hepatitis B tests of men suspected of homosexual conduct are constit...   [ continue reading...]



Tunisia: Abusive House Arrests

(Tunis) – Tunisia’s use of house arrest for at least 139 people under a November 2015 state of emergency decree has left many facing stigmatization...   [ continue reading...]



UN/African Union: Reject ICC Withdrawal

(New York) – The African Union (AU), in advance of a meeting with the United Nations Security Council on September 23, 2016, should end consideration of a...   [ continue reading...]



South Africa: Continent Wide Outcry at ICC Withdrawal

(Johannesburg) – South Africa’s announced withdrawal from the International Criminal Court (ICC) is a slap in the face for victims of the most serio...   [ continue reading...]



Burundi: ICC Withdrawal Major Loss to Victims

(Nairobi) – Burundi has taken a major step backward by officially withdrawing from the International Criminal Court, Human Rights Watch said today. Other...   [ continue reading...]



UN: Violators Undermine Human Rights Council

(New York) – The candidacies of Saudi Arabia and Russia for the United Nations Human Rights Council are severely compromised because of their widespread u...   [ continue reading...]



Tunisia: Amnesty Bill Would Set Back Transition

(Tunis, July TK, 2016) – A proposed “economic reconciliation” law will provide amnesty for public officials and state employees for acts relat...   [ continue reading...]



EU: Put Rights Above Politics

(Brussels) – The European Union and its member states should ensure that any migration cooperation with Libya and other North African countries puts the l...   [ continue reading...]



South Africa: ICC Move Betrays Victims

(Johannesburg) – South Africa’s announced withdrawal from the International Criminal Court (ICC) treaty represents an enormous blow to its commit...   [ continue reading...]



Lebanon: Reform Rape Laws

(Beirut) – Lebanon’s parliament should repeal a penal code provision that allows rapists to escape prosecution by marrying their victims, Human Righ...   [ continue reading...]



Bahrain: Authorities Targeting Shia clerics

(Beirut) – Bahraini authorities are targeting Shia clerics in a systematic campaign of harassment that violates their rights to freedom of assembly and sp...   [ continue reading...]



Tunisia: Journalists Before Military Tribunal

(Tunis) – Tunisia’s military prosecutor should immediately drop charges against two journalists who criticized the country’s armed forces, Hum...   [ continue reading...]



Libya: Provide Medical Care, Safety for Civilians Fleeing Sirte

(Tunis) – Libyan authorities should ensure the safety of and urgently provide medical care for more than 120 women and children being held in a Misrata pr...   [ continue reading...]



Tunisia: Amend Draft Drug Law

(Tunis) – Tunisia’s parliament should amend the draft drug law currently before it to strengthen its human rights provisions, Human Rights Watch, Av...   [ continue reading...]

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