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Fast Track Derails Democracy

Pro-democracy forces won a big victory Friday when they stalled the top-secret Trans-Pacific Partnership trade agreement backed by the White House and the Repub...   [ continue reading...]



The Most Obnoxious Things Rich People Have Done Recently

Millionaires and billionaires have resumed their ostentatious and tin-eared ways. After the dust cleared from the economic implosion of 2007-2008, being ric...   [ continue reading...]



Here’s How Bernie Sanders Could Win: The One Issue Where Hillary’s Vulnerable -- And Where the Tea Party Might Be Right

Some say the reason our politicians talk less about corruption is that we have less of it, but this isn't true. After one of many trips to sub-Saharan...   [ continue reading...]



Hillary Clinton’s Campaign Speech: A Study in Whiplash-Inducing Contrasts

ABC News She took a page from Franklin Delano Roosevelt in her first major campaign speech, but Hillary Clinton is still Wall Street’s woman, a point that w...   [ continue reading...]



New Emails Reveal Friendship of Koch Lobbyists and Financial Regulators

  Charles and David Koch—the Koch brothers. (DonkeyHotkey / CC BY 2.0) Recent emails, released to the public Friday, have revealed the close bond be...   [ continue reading...]



Actually, Bernie Sanders Isn’t a Crackpot—He Favors Policies the Majority of Americans Want

Congressman John K. Delaney, what the hell are you talking about? In a recent Washington Post op-ed piece, headlined, “The last thing America n...   [ continue reading...]



The TPP Fast-Track Vote Wasn’t About Obama, It Was About Failed Trade Policies

President Obama (AP Photo/Evan Vucci) The fight over Trade Promotion Authority was never about Barack Obama, despite the best efforts of the...   [ continue reading...]



A Bank CEO Said Elizabeth Warren Doesn’t Understand Wall Street. Her Response Was Perfect.

"The problem for these guys is that I fully understand the system and I understand how they make their money," she said. The post A Bank CEO Said Elizabeth Warr...   [ continue reading...]



10 Companies That Act Like They Hate Their Customers

Guess who has the worst customer service? Recently, Comcast customers in Philadelphia were invited to share their thoughts on the cable television giant. On...   [ continue reading...]



To U.S. allies, Al Qaeda affiliate in Syria becomes the lesser evil

The Wall Street Journal reports: In the three-way war ravaging Syria, should the local al Qaeda branch be seen as the lesser evil to be wooed rather than bombed...   [ continue reading...]



Derailment on the Fast Track

AP Photo/Pablo Martinez Monsivais President Barack Obama speaks during his meeting with leaders of the Trans-Pacific Partnership countries on the sidelines...   [ continue reading...]



Spy virus linked to Israel targeted hotels used for Iran nuclear talks

The Wall Street Journal reports: When a cybersecurity firm discovered it had been hacked last year by a virus widely believed to be used by Israeli spies, it wa...   [ continue reading...]



Here Little Lady, Let Me Tell You How Banking Works: Jamie Dimon Mansplains To Elizabeth Warren

When all else fails, patronize your enemy. Jamie Dimon, the billionaire CEO of JP Morgan Chase and face of Wall Street bankers, doesn’t think Senator Eli...   [ continue reading...]



Regulations Create Jobs - Lots of Them

Iin reality, regulations are usually not the job-killers Republicans and Big Business say they are. If anything, good regulations actually create jobs and boost...   [ continue reading...]



Democrats Hope to Bury Black Lives Matter Under Election Blitz

police brutaltiyby BAR executive editor Glen Ford The Democrats hope the Black Lives Matter movement, like the Occupy Wall Street movement, will disappear amid...   [ continue reading...]



Elizabeth Warren Lays Out Higher Ed Vision—Students Must Have 'Debt-Free Option'

But colleges must also stop wasting taxpayer money, and the two can co-exist. On Wednesday, Senator Elizabeth Warren (D-MA) gave an address at the Albert Sh...   [ continue reading...]



Debt, Default, and Economic Sanctions in Eastern Europe

Michael Hudson is President of The Institute for the Study of Long-Term Economic Trends (ISLET), a Wall Street Financial Analyst, Distinguished Research Profess...   [ continue reading...]



Occupy had its shortcomings, but it was hardly forgettable

by Kate Aronoff Even if some Americans don’t remember Occupy Wall Street, as a recent article claims, its lasting influence is nearly impossible to ignore.   [ continue reading...]



Feeding the Frenzy: The Sanders Syndrome Hits Home Court

by Paul Street Attending an Iowa event for Bernie Sanders, Paul Street notes that his crowd is mostly aging left white Democrats who shunned the 2012 Occupy mov...   [ continue reading...]



US imperialism's Stamp is All over Chaos around the World

U.S. imperialismby Danny Haiphong U.S. imperialism attempts to forestall its terminal decline by waging war against much of the world. It is an accomplice in al...   [ continue reading...]

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