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Israel: Amnesty International demands arms embargo

Ali AbunimahIssue 1179May 3, 2018Great March of ReturnPalestineIsraelIsraeli soldiers deploy with US-made weapons during the 2014 Gaza war .“Israel i...   [ continue reading...]



What Did Hannah Arendt Really Mean by 'the Banality of Evil?'

The banality-of-evil thesis was a flashpoint for controversy. Can one do evil without being evil? This was the puzzling question that the philosopher Han...   [ continue reading...]



Scant Justice for Palestinian Boy Killed in Protest

Expand Nadim Nuwarah, 17, in Ramallah in 2014. On May 15, 2014, an Israeli border officer f...   [ continue reading...]



Pain Deepens for Afghanistan’s Media

Expand Policemen help Afghan journalists, victims of a second blast, in Kabul, Afghanistan...   [ continue reading...]



Can grassroots historical initiatives bridge the gap between Poland and Ukraine?

With politicians in both countries unwilling to back down over worrying historical legislation, it’s up to h...   [ continue reading...]



Will the International Criminal Court Prosecute Israel for War Crimes?

Rania Muhareb and Tareq Zaqoot of Al Haq discuss the IDF's shooting of hundreds of unarmed protesters, including women, children and journalists   [ continue reading...]



Syria: on academic freedom and responsibility

The duty of intellectuals should be to ensure accountability, not to engage in frivolous revisionism. ...   [ continue reading...]



Is Poland's Holocaust law changing US attitudes towards Ukraine’s memory laws?

Judging by a new congressional letter, Poland's recent "Holocaust law" is catalysing US lawmakers' perception of U...   [ continue reading...]



Israel: Army Demolishing West Bank Schools

Expand Palestinian Bedouin school children walk towards their tents on September 15, 2010 a...   [ continue reading...]



What did Hannah Arendt really mean by the banality of evil?

Can one do evil without being evil? This was the puzzling question that the philosopher Hannah Arendt grappled with when she reported for The New Yorker in 1961...   [ continue reading...]



The ‘Doctrine of Humanitarian Intervention’: and how it exposes the absence of any serious intention to help Syrians

Diplomacy should focus on the humanitarian situation and the need for civilian protection rather than or as well a...   [ continue reading...]



Iraq: Officials Dispose of Potential War Crime Evidence

An incident on March 29, 2018, in which government workers removed about 80 bodies from a damaged house, raised suspicions of a co...   [ continue reading...]



Well obviously more war in Syria will stop war in Syria

Carlo SandsIssue 1177April 20, 2018Carlo’s Corneranti-warcomedyAustraliaIs Trump playing a game of World War III?Recent military actions by Western p...   [ continue reading...]



The ‘refugee crisis’ in the Mediterranean: the role of EU states, civil society and art

As the EU turns away from international human rights commitments, asserting border controls at almost any cost inc...   [ continue reading...]



Syria: Justice Needed for 7 Years of Abuse

Expand Catherine Marchi-Uhel, head of the International, Impartial and Independent Mec...   [ continue reading...]



‘The Middle East is already living World War III’

Issue 1177April 19, 2018anti-warAustraliaDima al'Msodny. Photo: Zebedee Parkes. Bottom: Syrian firefighter at the remains of the Scientific Research Centre...   [ continue reading...]



Chelsea Manning on Trump's "Mission Accomplished" Tweet: "I Believe I Have Heard Those Words Before"

On Friday, the US, UK and France launched coordinated military strikes in response to an alleged chemical weapons attack in Douma, Syria, over a week ago. The a...   [ continue reading...]



Where Is the Democratic Outrage Over Trump's Illegal Attack on Syria?

The illegal airstrikes on Syria last Friday provoked a widespread but largely muted opposition from Democrats, which is not surprising since the Democratic Part...   [ continue reading...]



Here Are Seven Brilliant Insights From Noam Chomsky on the American Empire

Noam Chomsky. (Photo: Andrew Rusk) The current political climate is hostile to real accountability. Help us keep lawmakers and corporations in check -- support...   [ continue reading...]



Here's What Happened When Professional Atheist Sam Harris Tried -- and Failed -- to Embarrass Noam Chomsky

Chomsky's self-appointed antagonist is more off-base and offensive than many realize. In April 2015, Sam Harris—an author, neuroscientist and self-a...   [ continue reading...]

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